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How to get funding as a game developer

It is an exciting time if you are in the gaming industry and looking to raise finance for growth. Here we explore the options available […]

Are you ready for the tax changes?

There are a number of imminent changes to tax allowances, rules and rates that may affect both you and your business. Below is a brief […]

Netflix cooler than Adidas?

This year’s CoolBrands Top 20 saw Netflix beat fashion brand Chanel and old-school favourites such as Adidas and Aston Martin. The annual report into the UK’s most desired […]

Working Hoverboard? Really?

Has Lexus actually made a real-life hoverboard as ridden by Marty in Back to the Future 2? There’s a pretty good chance that it’s a […]

Cool article – has YouTube changed the world?

The Telegraph posted a cool article charting the rise of YouTube over the last 10 years. When I asked around, most people couldn’t remember life without […]

Can I put it on expenses?!

One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘What can I claim as a business expense?’ A business expense is basically a cost […]

Cash investments…

The new media industry has created some amazing business opportunities and if you are lucky enough to suddenly find yourself with a large chunk of […]

Alfie goes trad…

Congrats to StarBox client Alfie Deyes who has stepped away from his YouTube channel to launch his first paperback The Pointless Book. Alfie is just […]

Girl Power!

Some more great coverage and props for beauty vloggers in the press again! This time in the influential Sunday Times Style Magazine Autumn Fashion Special. […]

Say Hello to StarBox!