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Cash investments…

25 March 2015

The new media industry has created some amazing business opportunities and if you are lucky enough to suddenly find yourself with a large chunk of cash, there are a number of smart and interesting ways in which you can invest it!

Many people still leave money in their business or personal bank account, simply because they are unaware of the wide variety of interesting investment opportunities available to them, or because they do not see traditional investments as offering much by the way of interest. Unfortunately, with interest rates as low as they are, this means the spending power of money held in bank accounts is falling, due to the impact of inflation.

Whilst it is sensible to leave enough cash in deposit accounts to cover emergencies, especially if income is sporadic, it really is wise to set aside time to consider what your ‘spare’ cash could do for you.

Here are some of the more interesting investment opportunities that we have recently helped our clients with:

  • Investment into a wide range of early stage growing companies run by creative, committed and ambitious entrepreneurs gaining a 50% income tax credit in the process
  • Participation in the investment returns created by a range of original feature films, video games and/or television programmes
  • Use of funds within clients business to purchase commercial property whilst obtaining corporation tax relief of 20%
  • Use of personal funds to invest into a construction company that undertakes residential and commercial construction projects across the UK whilst obtaining a 30% income tax credit

Should you be interested in discussing investments such as this in more detail, or if you have any questions at all relating to financial advice or wealth management, please get in touch with Roy Thompson or Sam Uwins.