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Get ahead with your taxes and financial planning for 2019/2020

28 August 2019

Tax is a necessary part of your financial life. Without it, the Government could not provide services such as health, education, social care and the security of the population. However, it can be complicated, and the level of tax payable will vary according to the nature of the underlying transactions. You have choices to make around the structure of your business and investments, and those choices will have tax implications.

The handy Tax & Financial Planning Guide from MHA Carpenter Box highlights some common areas where you and your family can make tax-related choices.

Key topics include:

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When should I plan?

It is advisable to have a regular review of your tax affairs at least once a year. This can be:

  • When you are gathering the information to file your tax return
  • Two or three months before the end of the tax year (5 April)
  • In the last quarter of your accounting period, if you run a business

Give yourself enough time to do something before the crucial date. If you leave planning to the last minute, you may not have enough time to put the plan into action.

If you find something in this guide that you think might apply, we will be pleased to look at your particular circumstances and help you navigate the most efficient route for your financial journey. Our tax team are experts in offering practical advice to help clients become as tax efficient as possible. Our colleagues at MHA Carpenter Box Wealth Management are always on hand to help manage investments and pensions for businesses and individuals, offering an integrated and seamless service.

For further advice on any of the topics in this guide, get in touch with one of our team via or by calling us on 01273 043678.